Tech Lube™

Internal Mold Release, Lubricant, and Processing Aid Additives

callout-productsProprietary formulations of unique polymeric compounds and organic esters engineered for today’s new complex thermosetting resins and polymer systems. The addition of TECH-LUBE™ allows for faster cycles, easy mold release , improved flow characteristics, reduced resin viscosity, improved dispersion of pigments/fillers and reduced wear and tear on dies and tools.

Flame Check™

Non-Halogenated Flame Retardant Additives

A synergistic mixture of organo-phosphorous and nitrogen based derivatives developed especially as flame retardants for thermoset ting resins. FLAME CHECK™ enhances their effectiveness through a variety of mechanisms including intumescence, thereby forming isolated charring. In addition FLAME CHECK™ works in combination with the heat sink principle and the formation of non-combustible gases in the situation of fire. Its unique chemistry and structure allows for usage in closed and open mold systems.


Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Agents

The BIOGENIC™ line is among the most versatile environmentally friendly cleaners for the polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, and urethane industry in the composites market today. BIOGENIC™ is excellent for metal molds or any other urethane foam molding equipment. Use it to flush spray guns, gel coat and resin lines or to clean resin from tools and equipment. Additionally, Biogenic™ is an excellent cleaner for purging urethane foam equipment. BIOGENIC™ safely replaces acetone in most applications and has the ability to soften cured polyester resin for easy removal. Its high flashpoint and VOC free components make it an attractive alternative to standard products used in the industry.


Wetting, Dispersing and Viscosity Reducing Agents

Viscocheck™ is a cost effective solution related to problems of wetting and dispersion of fillers and pigments which repeatedly arise during manufacturing of open and closed mold thermosetting compounds.


Silicone and silicone free air release and defoaming agent additives formulated to release trapped air from various thermosetting resin systems. They minimize or eliminate the appearance of bubbles and cavities. Airgon™ is effective at low loadings levels leading to little or no negative impact on the resin system.



Carrier Films for SMC

TRENNFILM® is a modified polyamide carrier foil with enhanced crystallinity to prevent styrene emissions during the manufacturing of SMC. TRENNFILM® is non-permeable to styrene. This new type of carrier foil is also easy to peel off and is characterized by high resistance to tearing. Produced on co-extrusion and chill roll extrusion machines, various thicknesses and widths from 450 to 3.000 mm are available.

*Trennfilm® is a registered trademark of Lehmann & Voss & Co.



Thickening Agents for SMC

LUVATOL® is a unique line of paste additives based on magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide for the controlled and reproducible thickening of unsaturated polyester resin in the manufacturing of SMC. The standard range includes more than 25 different LUVATOL® pastes with custom formulations available.

*Luvatol® is a registered trademark of Lehmann & Voss & Co.


Green Release™

Environmentally Friendly Based Release Agents

GREEN RELEASE™ mold release agents and are unique synthetic polymeric resins mixed in environmentally friendly solvents or water. GREEN RELEASE™ will dry faster at room temperature making a monomolecular film on the mold surface. This dry film will not transfer to the molded parts nor will it interfere with post finishing operations like printing or bonding. Applied once, it provides a record number of sharp, clean releases with glossy or matte finish. Mold stays cleaner for extended time due to the non-corrosive property of GREEN RELEASE™.