At Technick Products, (established in 1985) our goal has been to develop additives for the plastics and rubber industry. We tailor to the specific needs of individual processes and different materials keeping environmental friendliness in mind. When we first made our entrance into the business, our product base was primarily focused on internal and external release agents. Since then our chemists and engineers have broadened our base as we now offer a wider variety of products such as environmentally friendly water based release agents, cleaning compounds, and non-halogenated flame retardents.

Our major objective of quality products was achieved with the development of our water based release agents and safe cleaning compounds. We have specific products that meet all the necessities identified within the polymer industry. To date we have successfully introduced our products in North America and Asia with continued expansion in Europe. As we move into the future, we continue to be a company fueled by cutting edge technical expertise with dedicated customer focus.