Multi-Functional Additives


Wetting, Dispersing and Viscosity Reducing Agents

Viscocheck™ is a cost effective solution related to problems of wetting and dispersion of fillers and pigments which repeatedly arise during manufacturing of open and closed mold thermosetting compounds.


Silicone and silicone free air release and defoaming agent additives formulated to release trapped air from various thermosetting resin systems. They minimize or eliminate the appearance of bubbles and cavities. Airgon™ is effective at low loadings levels leading to little or no negative impact on the resin system.


Thickening Agents for SMC

LUVATOL® is a unique line of paste additives based on magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide for the controlled and reproducible thickening of unsaturated polyester resin in the manufacturing of SMC. The standard range includes more than 25 different LUVATOL® pastes with custom formulations available.

*Luvatol® is a registered trademark of Lehmann & Voss & Co.

Multifunctional Additive

  • Release Aid
  • Flow Modifiers
  • Viscosity Modifiers
  • Dispersants-Wetting Agents


  • Minimal to no impact on post finishing operations (i.e., painting or adhesion)
  • Reduction in cycle time
  • Elimination of pin holes
  • No build-up on molds
  • Extended die life

Slip Aids:

Fatty Acid Amides

  1. Oleamide – Finawax O
  2. Erucamide – Finawax E
  3. Stearamide – Finawax S
  4. Ethylene Bis stearamide -Finawax C
  5. Ethylene Bis oleamide – Finawax VL

Secondary Amides

  1. Stearyl Streamside- Finawax SS
  2. Stearyl Erucamide- Finawax SE

Anti-Static Agents

Custom formulated products are offered as “Poly-Stat” for various thermoplastics and rubber.

For Product Safety Sheets and MSDS Data Sheets on these products please click here or call us at 908-791-0400.